The weather in Alicante; the key to success of our great city

Alicante is the perfect destination for many reasons but especially because it is a city facing the sea with an amazing weather the whole year. The weather in Alicante is the main reason to enjoy your break or holidays in the Costa Blanca.

You will get a strong guarantee of nice weather to enjoy all the tourist attractions Alicante has to offer.

Average temperature is 17ºC, the highest in the summer is 32ºC and in winter the average is 16ºC. Rain only appears from time to time and the sun shines more than 300 days per year. Temperatures do not range so much so spring and fall are quite mild. Winter is also so mild and you can even see some brave people swimming in our beautiful beaches.

The weather is not a worry when you visit Alicante. You will be able to enjoy all the attractions Alicante has to offer.

Alicante is an urban destination with a wide choice of beaches, promenades and museums. You can also enjoy a delicious cuisine with a wide choice of restaurants.

Alicante is a city by the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by a mountains that protect the city from extreme weather conditions so when you visit the city main spots, you will not have to worry about the weather.

Beach throughout the whole year


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The beaches in Alicante are one of the most visited ones in Spain between June and September when you can enjoy more than 12 hours of sunlight. You can do sunbathing, eat a paella by the sea, have a drink in a chiringuito on the sand or practice some water sports.

San Juan and El Postiguet are the busiest beaches in the summer. You can enjoy different types of activities; games for kids, theater plays or concerts at night for those looking for something livelier. You will be able to have a drink by the sea enjoying the amazing sunset of Alicante.

If you visit these spots in low season, you will enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere but never forget to bring your suntan lotion with you. Skin care is so important.

Those days that are not that sunny, you can discover other attractions of the city such as the Santa Barbara Castle, the old town and the historical buildings of the city.

One thing you must know is that from 20 to 24 June we celebrate our big festivities; Las Hogueras de San Juan.



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It is quite important you consider nice weather in Alicante when you pack your suitcase. Light clothes are the best option: a pair of shorts, a hat or a cap, sunglasses and of course the swimming costume.

Sandals for the beach and trainers to walk the city are also quite important.

Winter Sun


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You can also enjoy sunlight in winter in Alicante (about 8 hours/day). One advantage may be that room prices may go down because hotels need to stay competitive.

In Alicante you can also enjoy the beach in winter. You can walk by the sea, do sunbathing have lunch in a restaurant facing the sea. You can also practice water sports such as windsurf and kitesurf in winter. If you are not so much into extreme sports, you can discover the city and its natural settings by doing some trekking.

Another outdoor sport you can practice even in winter is Golf. Alicante Golf Course is not so far from El Palmeral de Madaria.

In winter you can also enjoy the cultural offer (theaters and museums), go up to Santa Barbara Castle without high temperatures and frying sun and walk around the old city (Barrio de Santa Cruz).

As you can see, Alicante is so warm and lively both in the summer and in winter.

Nice weather is one of the key points when deciding a destination and we can confirm that if you choose Alicante, your holidays will not be ruined by a few rain drops.

Book your apartment in El Palmeral de Madaria and enjoy all the attractions Alicante has to offer throughout the whole year

You will be welcome in Alicante.

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