What to do in Alicante

We are not showing off if we say you can find everything in Alicante. This Mediterranean province has plenty of attractions to spend some funny and unforgettable days. Would you like to know how? El Palmeral de Madaria will tell you what to do in Alicante to make the most of your holidays in the Costa Blanca.

Have a walk in Alicante parks and gardens


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Alicante has a lot of green areas where locals and visitors meet up. You can enjoy them on your own or have a walk with your couple. They are also suitable for family entertainment.

The Explanada promenade is one of the most famous parks of the city. You will admire the long row of palm trees and the three colors mosaic floor. We can say it is the busiest spot of the city because it is also the link between Canalejas Park and la Playa del Postiguet.

In La Explanada children will run freely, you can buy handicrafts and sit on a café by the sea meanwhile you enjoy Alicante sunset and some of the most emblematic buildings of the city.

Parque de la Ereta also enjoys an excellent location with an amazing view over the Mediterranean Sea and the whole city. You will enjoy a nice perspective of the Catedral de San Nicolás and it is the access of both Santa Barbara castle and Barrio de Santa Cruz (the oldest neighbourhood in Alicante).

You will find a café to refresh yourself (especially in the summer) and if you are looking for a romantic soiree, you can have dinner in the restaurant on the top of the hill. You will enjoy a breathtaking view of the city.

Another parks are worth visiting are Parque Lo Morant (the biggest one in the province), El Palmeral with a lush vegetation and Monte Tossal, ideal to practice sport. In the summer you can enjoy theatre plays for children in all these 3 parks.

Relaxing on the beach


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Alicante beach offers the best summer atmosphere throughout the whole year. You can have a walk by the sea, do sunbathing, swimming in their crystalline water, practice water sports, have a paella in a chiringuito by the sea.

The offer is even wider in the summer. Moreover the standard of service is even better.

The biggest beaches in Alicante are San Juan, Urbanova and El Postiguet.

These 3 beaches are quite busy because they are easy to access both for the elderly and disabled people

Other options to enjoy the Mediterranean are La Albufereta; small and cosy beach quite close to El Palmeral de Madaria, El Cabo de la Huerta with crystalline water coves and La Almadraba, ideal to go with your couple for a relaxing sunbathing day.

You can reach all these spots on foot, car or public transport (bus and tram). You will find parking areas in the surroundings.

Visiting Santa Barbara Castle


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This is the most emblematic monument in Alicante. It is a must where you will enjoy a great view over the city.

The access is free and you can go there on foot, by car or tourist bus or you can take a lift just in front of El Postiguet beach.

We recommend you to access the castle taking the lift and then go down through Parque de la Ereta and Santa Cruz neigbourhood. You will discover a new perspective of the city and then you will discover the old town of Alicante.

Have a look to the mountain from El Postiguet and try to discern “La Cara del Moro”, the legend says you will see a figure similar to a moor face.

Going out at night in Alicante


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If you like enjoying the night, you will find a wide offer in Alicante.

Lively atmosphere at night is a guarantee in El Barrio, La rambla and Castaños st. In the summer you can also go to San Juan beach.

The offer for pubs and discos with live music and events will be great for those looking for a night out.

Satisfy your whims


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Your holidays will not be ideal if you do not satisfy your taste. The gastronomic offer in Alicante is amazing. We recommend you to try the most traditional plates.

Rice and seafood are the 2 stars of our cuisine. Paella is a must. You will also find delicious sweets such as turrón and ice creams. The wine offer is also great both for red and white wines.

You will find many restaurants in the old town and La Explanada. Do not forget to try tapas (you will find many restaurants in San Francisco st and Plaza de Gabriel Miró).

Shopping is another pleasure we like to enjoy on holidays. You will find all the shops you can imagine in Maisonnave Av and also in the indoor shopping malls.

As you can see, Alicante has a lot to offer on your holidays or city breaks. Plan your trip to Alicante and book your apartment in El Palmeral de Madaria

We will be pleased to host you.

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