This is the first of a series of posts about typical Alicante gastroproducts. And in these dates we are oblige to start with turron de Jijona, the most famous christmas sweet in Spain.

Turron was introduced in the Mediterranean coast, specially Spain and Italy, by the Arabs. Spanish version turron first appeared sometime around XV Century under Carlos V reign. It soon became a renowned sweet among royalty. Historical research data indicates that turron already existed in the Villa of Sexona (currently Jijona) in the XVI Century. Don Franciso Martinez Montuño, King Felipe II cook, states in his book “Conduchos de Navidad” (1585) “ You can smell honey in all the houses in Jijona”.

Turron de Jijona is made from a mixture of toasted almonds with egg white and honey. This mixture is ground until you get a uniform mass. This mass undergoes a second boiling in a cooking pot called “boixets”, you get a homogeneous texture that is poured in a mould until it is cold when turron “se arremata”.

A one day trip we recommend to our El Palmeral de Madaria guests is the Museo del Turron de Jijona, a nice tour over its history and the production process. We also encourage our guests to visit the Feria de Navidad de Jijona from 5 to 8 December, a special time to taste and buy this delicious sweet.

You can buy authentic turron de Jijona in the following stores in Alicante:

– Turrones Candela Espi. Alfonso El Sabio s/n. Just in front of the Mercado Central. www.turronescandelaespi.com

 – Turrones Espi. 17 Lopez Torregrosa. Opposite Mercado Central. www.turronesespi.com

we hope turron de Jijona gives a sweet touch to your Christmas.

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