Tourist Apartments, the best choice for a weekend break

If you can not wait for the “official” holidays and you can not stand staying at home, it is time you realise the tourist apartments are the best choice for a weekend break.

Choosing a tourist apartment has become an excellent choice lately due to 2 simple reasons: savings and convenience.

Apartments are available the whole year and you can even make a last minute decision that will be good value.

Weekend breaks in a tourist apartment may offer different options; you may stay in the heart of the city or in a remote Beach, you may go romantic or with a group of friends.

You just have to choose the date, the apartment you most like and pack your luggage. Here are 3 steps to enjoy a memorable holiday:

Let’s start from the beginning:

  • Choose the date and the destination. No matter if you choose a city, beach or mountain, you will find an option meeting your budget.
  • After that, select how to reach your destination. El Palmeral de Madaria has an ideal and quiet location to explore the city and the most charming spots of the Alicante region. You can park both just in front of our place or in our indoor car park.
  • Now it is time to decide where and what to eat. Our apartments have an ensuite kitchen and there is an Alcampo Supermarket 400m away so you can do some shopping and cook it in the apartment. You can also enjoy our delicious cuisine following our personal recommendations.

Freedom and good value are the most important attractives if you choose an apartment for a weekend break.

The break planning

One of the main advatages of choosing an apartment for your weekend break is that you can tailor your stay. You can get in and out whenever you feel like. Everything is more relaxed and you can make the most of your stay.

You can travel on your own, this way you can make your own plans and do not need to check with someone else, and who knows? you may meet someone special.

  • If you are travelling with your couple an apartment may also meet your needs. You can stay by the sea, imagine yourself having a cocktail at sunset in the terrace of your apartment.
  • Travelling with your family is also a good choice. You will enjoy wider spaces than in a hotel room and children will enjoy the outdoor facilities (swimming pool and park).
  • If you are travelling with your friends, our terrace is the ideal place to have a drink before going out in the city.

As you can see, choosing an apartment means convenience and freedom. Choose the different types of location you can find in an apartment and plan your weekend break with your couple, family or friends.

Other reasons to plan a weekend break

You also can enjoy shopping tourism in Alicante. In an apartment you will enjoy more room to store your shopping and go for more.

Gastronomy is also a great attractive for tourists. In an apartment you can go to the fresh food market to buy the most delicious products and then cook them in the ensuite kitchen. You can also get some takeway and have it in the outdoor terrace after an exhausting day in the city.

Do you need a break? So you have the last Word. Book you stay in El Palmeral de Madaria and enjoy a relaxing stay next to the main city spots.

¡Come and enjoy your break in our apartments!

Image Source: RAMCC

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