The origin of El Palmeral de Madaria

I am Enrique de Madaria, 63 and Civil Engineer. I was born in Alicante and I have always lived in this mediterranean city. Thirty-five years ago I bought the plot where the Tourist Apartments are built with the intention of building my home. Due to unexpected familiar circumstances, I finally moved to the cottage opposite the road that belonged to my parents in law. By that time, I became interested in Palms and little by little I bought species from all over the World. That is how the plot that was intended to be my home has become the amazing palm garden with more than 60 species from all over the world that gives the name to our Apartments.

I have been a great traveller and I have stayed in hundreds of Hotels but I have never thought about the possibility of owning one. But a few years ago facing my imminent retirement, I decided to start this Project. I decided to build this compound of Tourist Apartments surrounded by the palm garden I have grown for 30 years. A hotel located in a natural and peaceful setting where I tried to reflect the best from my traveller experience together with a warm and personal treatment.

I hope you enjoy your stay at El Palmeral de Madaria as much as I have enjoyed growing my palms and starting this exciting business adventure.


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